Souffle Bath Melt - Over The Rainbow



Treat yourself to a truly rainbow experience with this "Over The Rainbow" cocoa butter Souffle Bath Melt! Its bright yellow top is festooned with colourful glitter, surrounding a burst of delicious fruity scent. Slip into your tub and let its mood-lifting magic wash away your worries. A real pick-me-up for body and soul!

Directions: Put the Bath Melt in a warm bath and it will melt into the water. You can use the whole melt, or to spread it out over two baths either break it in half before putting in the bath, or remove from the bath before fully melted.

The container can be removed before adding to the bath, or retrieved afterwards.

Please rinse petals or decorations away from bath immediately after use to prevent  staining.

Min 45 g.

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