Skipinnish - Steer By The Stars CD



The new CD from Skipinnish again has a nautical title: Steer By The Stars. Fabulous Scottish music as you would expect from this highly talented band from the West Coast of Scotland. A great way to celebrate their 20th anniversary!

Anchors Of The Soul, The Lads Of Mull, Steer By The Stars, Coire Bhreacain, Last Of The Hunters, Land Below The Waves, Thar Sail, The Atholl Set, Wishing Well, The Youngest Ancient Mariner, Puirt Set, Still We Run, Farewell, 20th Anniversary Jigs.

"There’s a certain expectation about a Skipinnish release that you’re going to get a mixture of cracking tune sets and songs, either in Gaelic or English, which range from sensitive to anthemic. This album certainly doesn’t let you down on any of these points, or on any other, come to that". Living Tradition Magazine.


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