Simon Fraser University Pipe Band - On Home Ground Vol 2



On Home Ground Vol 2 is the second volume from the concert recorded at Simon Fraser University in 2005. The Simon Fraser University Pipe Band have previously won The World Pipe Band Championships on four occasions and are also one of the best concert pipe
bands in the world.

The Band play a tremendous selection of tune sets including The Streaker, Mason's Apron, Cape Breton Fiddlers and a storming drum set called 420 Byng Street. Well placed to rank with their other albums as some of the best.

The Streaker; Kitchenmaid; MacNeill's Farewell; Highland Whiskey; Worldwide Hornpipes; The Soft Horse Reel; Dusty Miller; Murdo MacKenzie; Hourglass Suite; Boney Music; 420 Byng Street; Classic Hornpipes; Emancipation; Mason's Apron; Cape Breton Fiddlers.

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Traditional Scots music played on the bagpipes.

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