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Silly Wizard's debut album is now available on CD - originally recorded in the 1970s when the band consisted of founders Gordon Jones (vocals, guitar, bodhran, bouzouki, mandola) and Bob Thomas (guitar, mandolin, mandola, banjo & concertina) with Johnny Cunningham (fiddle), Freeland Barbour (accordion), Andy M Stewart (vocals, tin whistle & banjo) and Alastair "Ali" Donaldson (bass, flute). In December 2012, Silly Wizard was inducted into the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame.

Pibroch; Jenny Gray's Whiskey; Wind That Shakes The Barley/ The Ale Is Dear; Carlisle Wall; My Love's In Germany; Election Jig; The Heron Election Ballad No. 4; Atholl Braes / The Drunken Piper; The Shearing; The Fairy Dance; Land O' The Leal.

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