Silly Wizard - Live Again



Silly Wizard - Live Again is the long-awaited release on CD of one of the greatest concerts from this Scottish super-group. Recorded live in Massachusetts in 1983 playing to more than 1,200 they played & sang some of their most memorable sets. If you are not familiar with Silly Wizard this is essential listening - if you know them well you will want this in your collection.

Reels (The Green Fields..); The Queen Of Argyll; The Valley Of Strathmore; The Parish Of Dunkeld; John & Phil's Reels; Reels (Mrs Martha Knowles..); The Ramblin' Rover; The Banks Of The Lee; Reels (Miss Shepherd..); Donald MacGillavry; The Blackbird; Jigs (Scarce O' Tatties..); Golden Golden; Jigs (Mac's Fancy..); Reels (The Rose Of Red Hill..); The Broom O' The Cowdenknowes.

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