Sileas - Play on Light



Sileas - Play on Light is a delightful combination of two very different harps. Patsy Seddon plays a gut-strung harp, Mary MacMaster's harp is strung with brass, phosphor bronze & steel harpsichord wire. They are also great singers and include a selection of songs in English and Gaelic.

Buain A'Choirce; May Colvin; Cumba Easbuig Earraghaidheal; Laill Leathag; Cameron MacFadyen; Mo Dhomhnullan Fhein; Planxty Crockery; Pi Li Li Liu; Dr Florence Campbell Of Jammalamadugu; The Castlebay Scrap; Ain't No Sunshine; Miss Ann Cameron Of Balvenie; Thu Sior Chaoineadh.

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