Shooglenifty - Venus In Tweeds



Shooglenifty is a huge success. This band is taking Scotland by storm, bringing together a wonderful melange of ideas which they confidently and brilliantly blend. Innovative modern takes on ceilidh-type music played on fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, drums, and percussion. The album won the B.B.C. Radio Scotland/Living Tradition award Album of The Year 1994.

"Seldom come across an album with such immediate impact" Folk Roots.

"...pulled off the notoriously difficult feat of reproducing the tremendous buzz of their live shows in the recording studio..." Scotland on Sunday.

"...seamless, entrancing and satisfying..." Q Magazine. 

"Venus in Tweeds is a wonderfully compelling album."Ambience, Australia.

"This is the recording of your dreams, intelligently mixed, energetic and precise". Dirty Linen.

The Pipe Tunes; Horace; The Point Road; Venus In Tweeds; Waiting For Conrad; Two Fifty To Vigo; Paranoia; Buying A Blanket; The Tammienorrie; The Point Road.

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