The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience - Foxy Laddie



The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience are an energetic ceilidh band that packs a real punch. Withg a big line up and a big sound they aim to knock your socks off on the dance floor.

The line-up features some of the top musicians on the Scottish scene: Sandy Brechin, Greg Borland, Alison Smith, Pete Clark, Ronan Martin, Marcos Watt, Aly Macrae, Peter Brady, Gary West, John Currie, David Taylor, Stuart Nisbet, Colin Macfarlane, Chris Agnew, William Oke, Richie Werner, Steve Kettley, Brandi Sequin.

Eva Three Step – Cameron MacFadyen/Gordon Cottage/Mhorag; Reels – The Gugahunter/Dolina Mackay/Mrs Macpherson of Inveran/The Ness Pipers; Hornpipes – Tam Bain’s Lum/Helen Black of Inveran; Hooligan’s Jig – Eck Stewart’s March/Alan Macpherson of Mosspark/O’er the Ocean/The Judge’s Dilemma; The Pride of Erin Waltz – Mo Mhathair; The Riverside Jig – Skylark’s Ascension/Mishie’s Jig/The Pitlochry High School Centenary/The Blackberry Bush/Stramash for Shelter Scotland; The Gay Gordons – Iain MacPhail’s Welcome to Shetland/The Lewis and Harris Gathering/The Gay Gordons/Mr Mrs Alex Ross; The Black Dance – The Black Dance/The Deveron Reel/The Bear Dance/The Latvian’s March; The Canadian Barn Dance – Neil MacVarnish/Marcos Watt’s Farewell to The Forties; The Cumberland Square Eight – Willie Coleman’s/Stan Chapman’s/Thunderhead; The Circassian Circle – Circassian Circle/Staten Island/Timour the Tartar/The Flowers of Edinburgh/Circassian Circle; Waltzes – Helen Scott of Humbie/Ardtornish; Orcadian Strip The Willow – Miss Campbell of Sheerness/Jig Runrig/Old Woman’s Dance/Porto the Rat/Dale’s Place; The Final Birl – Dinky’s.

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