Scottish Tradition 21: Orkney Land Sea & Community



Scottish Tradition 21: Orkney Land, Sea & Community - the life of Orkney on CD. Everything from fiddling, to diddling, and folktales to ballads.  Archive recordings give insight into the way things were, and the stories and songs that have stayed through the generations.

"A wonderful evocation of island life, from not all that long ago". The Scots Magazine.

The Deerness Jig; The Orkner Muckle Supper; The Maid O' Cowden Knowes; Making Beesmilk Pudding; Harvest Home Hornpipe; Maggie Watson's Polka; Gripping The Cow; Circling The Cow; Three Waltzes; Moon Beliefs; Peter Pratt's Polka; Sea Beliefs; The Grey Selkie; A Selkie Story; The Strynd; The Stolen Dress; The Dark-Eyed Sailor; New Year's Day In Da Morning; The Minister And The Tinker; The Greenland Whale Fishery; Orkney Medley; Mister Frog; Choosing A Bride; Narrative About Dancing & Fiddling; Wedding Customs; Inganess; Second Sight; Tea Boiled Clean; Tall Stories; Joke And Tall Tale; I'm Weary Night And Day; Sleepy Laddie; The Ferry Louper; Scapa Flow.

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