Scottish Jigs & Reels



Scottish Jigs & Reels is a collection of some of the most famous dance tunes. Not just jigs and reels, but Strathspeys, Slow Airs and Marches too. Played by top Dance Bands & The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - perfect for dancing the night away.

Highland Barn Dance; Hornpipe; La Russe;  Earl Of Errol's Reel; The Glengarry Quickstep; Set Of Jigs; Strathspey And Reel; Jig - Light And Airy; Air & Shetland Reels; The Gay Gordons; Cumberland Reel; Jigs; Jigs From The Gow Collection; Saandieburn Reel; Dashing White Sergeant; The Auld Rants; Strip The Willows; Virginia Reel.

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