Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - Serenity



Serenity shows a gentler side to the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra. Well-known Scottish traditional tunes, and more recent pieces, a tune by O'Carolan, the Ashokan Farewell from the Catskills, and much more. In a richer, lusher style than usual with sweeping strings, and stunning solos.

"At times profoundly emotional". The Scots Magazine.

Colin L Riordan; Spirit Of The Water; Flower Of Portencross; Wild Rose Of The Mountain; Caller Herrin'; Lament For The Death Of The Reverand Archie Beaton; Ashokan Farewell; The Duchess Tree; The Pearl; Gentle Annie; The Heroes Of Longhope; Forres Cradle Song; The Old Water Mill; Blind Mary; Auld Lang Syne.

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Scots music, traditional music, fiddling music.

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