Scots Women



A unique concert, recorded live, at Celtic Connections 2001. A double CD of classic Scots songs sung by some of the top names: Cilla Fisher, Elspeth Cowie, Heather Heywood, Karine Polwart, Aileen Carr, Maureen Jelks, Annie Grace, Gordeanna McCulloch, Sheila Stewart, and more.

Sands O' The Shore; The Twa Brothers; The Good-Looking Widow; Time Wears Awa'; Fause, Fause Hae Ye Been; Fair Rosie Ann; What Can A Young Lassie?; Oh Tae Be In My Bed And Happit; Braes O' Strathdon; Pier O' Leith; Ye Banks And Braes; A Wee Bird Cam Tae My Apron; The Sodger Laddie; Jamie Foyers; Whaur Dae Ye Lie?; Halloween; The Fisherman's Wife; Annachie Gordon; Tam I' The Kirk; Alison Cross; A Man's A Man For A' That; Mickey's Warning; The Shearin's No' For You; Lichtbob's Lassie,

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