Scotland This Ancient Land 3CD



Capture the spirit of Scotland with this 3-CD set of stirring Highland Bagpipes, lively Ceilidh Reels, and other music that celebrates the heart and soul of this ancient land. Let the timeless melodies move you and experience a real connection to the rugged terrain and proud people of Scotland! 

When The Battle Is Over; Highland Schottishe; Heroes Of Longhope; Flower Of Scotland; Waltz; Will Ye No'; The Surf And The Silver Fishes; Skye Boat Song; My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose; Jigs From The Gow Collection; Gaelic Waltz; The Saffron Kilt/Lochanside; Dashing White Sergeant; Air And Shetland Reels; Massacre Of Glencoe; Amazing Grace; Air And Shetland Reels; Circassian Circle; The Glen Of Tranquillity; North American Reels; Rosebud Of Allanvale; The Stag And The Hound; The Barren Rocks Of Aden; Then Shall I Love Thee; The Rowan Tree/Bonnie Gallowa'; Radio-Valse; Gaelic Air/Circassian; Eightsome Reel; Ceilidh Dance Til Sunrise; Highlander’s Return; Highland Cathedral; Marches And Reel; Caddam Wood; The Bluebell Polka; The Inverness Gathering; Irish Fantasia; Boston Two Step; Mist Covered Mountains/The Dark Island; Ae Fond Kiss; Strip The Willow; Madame Bonaparte Medley; Duncan Mcinnes/Teribus/Corriechoillie's Welcome; Petronella; Annie Laurie; Jigs & Reels.

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