Sayaka Ikuyama - Light: Irish Harp



Sayaka Ikuyama's second album of harp music features Scottish and Irish tunes played in a fresh style, yet is sensitive to the traditions. The sound is rich and beautiful - brilliantly executed.

"Casting a spell on the listener as her enchanting harp-playing explores the richness and beauty of this wonderful music" Sean Whelen.

The Sligo Maid / The Flowing Bowl; Inisheer; Tonra's / I Ne'er Shall Wean Her / The Lonesome Jig; An Drigheann (Slow Air); Elizabeth MacDermott Ros; Waltz; Over The Sea To Skye; The Funny Mistake / Gort Na Mona; Gan Ainm; The Wild Geese; Caislean An Oir / Her Golden Hair Hanging Down Her Back; The Humours Of Whiskey / Farewell To Whalley Range; Ae Fond Kiss. 

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