Rory Campbell - The Pipers Whim



Rory Campbell is one of the new breed of pipers who embrace the tradition, but are not limited by it. The playing is technically brilliant, the musicality is assured, and the overall result is simply magical: The Pipers Whim.

Rory plays Highland and Small Pipes, High and Low Whistles, and is joined by some other very fine musicians on some of the tracks: Wilf Taylor (percussion), Malcolm Stitt (guitar / bouzouki), Marianne Curran (fiddle), Brian McAlpine (accordion / guitar), Marc Duff )bodhran), Donald Shaw (keyboards), and more...

Austurian Set; Lachie And The Tractor / Careau Llaniscu / Cutting Down The Privet Hedge / Donachd Head / An Islay Melody / Margaret Mccall; Hornpipes; The Wee Man From Skye / The Barlinnie Highlander / Arthur Gillies; Jig Groove; Bannockburn Road / Asturias Jig; Shepherd’s Crook; Bat’ An Taillear / The Shepherd’s Crook / Mirren’s Pyjamas / Calum Fighader Agus Calum Taillear / Mo Shuiridhach Bi Suigartach / Trad Reel / Linlithgow Palace; The Dreams Of Old Pa Fogerty; Torre De Hercules / Breton Andro / Paul Mcivor; The Girvan Ceilidh / I Hae A Wife O’ My Ain / Tending The Cattle With A Heavy Heart / Donald, Willie And His Dog; Morag Macneil; Tangasdale / The Dinan Brog; Donnachadh Dubh / Magaid A Phipir / Trad Jig / An Gun’s T-Apron; Gur Milis Morag; Barbara And Andy’s Wedding / The Oiseanbeag Reel / Sloe Jig / Clementina / An ‘Nighan Ponn Bheadarach; Traigh A’Ghoirtein / Hecla Dolina Mackay; Tangasdale Beach.

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