Pur - The Lassies' Reply



If Robert Burns were alive in 2009 these are the Lassies he would be writing about! Pur (Shona Donaldson & Katie MacKenzie) present fresh arrangements of Burns songs, some in Scots, some in Gaelic and some in both. Lovely voices, excellent accompaniment - all in all a truly worthy tribute.

My Heart's In The Highlands (Tha Mo Chridhe); John Anderson, My Jo; Aon Phog Ghraidh (Ae Fond Kiss); The Slaves Lament; Fhathast Na Mo Dhuisg (Aye Waukin 0); I'm O'er Young To Marry Yet (Ro-Og Gu Posadh); Cagaran Gaolach (Highland Balou); Chan Eil Ach Curam Air Gach Laimh (Green Grow The Rashes 0); Truis Na H-Oisgean (Ca' The Yowes); The Highland Widows Lament; 0 My Luv Is Like A Red Red Rose; Auld Lang Syne (Air Sgath Nan Iomadh Linn).

Shona Donaldson - vocals & fiddle
Katie MacKenzie - Gaelic vocals


Irvin Duguid - piano, hammond organ & keyboards
John Goldie - guitar
Gary Innes - accordion
Mr McFall's Chamber - strings
Mary Ann Kennedy - clarsach
James Mackintosh - percussion
Anna Massie - guitar
Ed McFarlane - double bass
Guy Nicolson - percussion
Hamish Napier - whistles, flute
Fraser Spiers - harmonica
Simone Welsh - fiddle

Traditional Songs, Burns songs, Scottish Music CD.

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