Portabello Ceilidh Band - Spider Stomp



Spider Stomp is packed with the exuberant dance-sets at the heart of the Portabello Ceilidh Band's repertoire, with tunes ranging freely from the seventeenth century to the present day, the album also includes unique takes on two Scots songs.

"A cracking three-quarters of an hour of where it's at in ceilidh dancing". The Scots Magazine.

Deba; Calliope; Circus; Stack Of Wheat; Cammy's; Freedom Come Aa Ye; Eva; Strip; Pete's; Cam Ye O'er By France; Haggis; Virginia.

The Portabello Ceilidh Band originally started life in Portobello, Edinburgh formed from musicians living and working locally. Over the years it has evolved to its present line-up which includes a Blairgowrie chiel, a Shetlander, a Dumfries loon and an Invernessian - and one quine from Edinburgh. So the musical and cultural nets are spread far and wide ... The band is:

Roger McAndrew (accordian) - from Blairgowrie. Originally a classically trained pianist but also steeped in the rich musical traditions of Perthshire from where he draws the bulk of his inspiration. In much demand as a dance-band player. Retains a preference for the piano but finds the accordian easier to hang round his neck.

Laurie Crump (fiddle) - from Dumfries. Classically trained on fiddle and recorder but brought up in the Borders fiddle tradition. From this strong base he set out to explore the other musical areas of Scotland, a journey he claims can never have a finishing point. He has, as they say a lovely tone.

Googs Williamson (bass guitar) - from Shetland, where all the islanders play the fiddle before they can walk. Googs played the bass guitar instead, developing huge muscles as a result, and a unique style. His playing combines the driving insistence of rock with the sensitivity to the melody line you would expect from someone with his island heritage.

Roy Henderson (guitar and vocals) - from Inverness. The band's folkie, who did the pubs and clubs before discovering that moving a hall full of grinning dancers was at least double the fun. He sings the songs of Scotland in the band's more reflective moments; most of the time he joins Googs in giving it big licks.

Wilma Henderson (caller, bodhran) - from Edinburgh, a Stockbridge keelie. One of the country's outstanding dance-callers, much sought after as a guest caller by other bands. Combines a wide knowledge of dances old and knew with a fine sensitivity to the needs of the dancers.

"the set is full of fine musicianship"
The Living Tradition

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