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The Perth Strathspey and Reel Society recorded live at the Kinnoull Bowling Club in Perth in 2003 under the baton of conductor John M Napier. The group of over 30 players perform tunes old and new in the Scottish tradition. 

Most of the 22 tracks are played by the full group but a few are solo, duet, or small groups.

Mrs Hepburn Belches; Edwin Flaws Of Wyre; Bon Accord; Greenholm / Brian Robert Wood / Elizabeth Andrews Fancy / O'er The Hill To Altnabreac; Lady Elizabeth's Air; Miss Nicola Webb / Charlie Todd /Herd On The Hill; John Huband's Dancing Fingers; Ramas Skjonbiens; Sarah; Kitchener's Army / 25th KOSB; Angus Grant / Knowehead Cottage / Ian Cruickshanks Of Kirriemuir / Dan McIldowies Reel; Dr Bob Scott; Crathes Castle; Da Tushkar / Willafiord / Billy Thom's Reel / Tommy Anderson; Lamb Skinnet / Burries Brae / Duncan McDonald's Fiddle / Lizzie Duncan's Fancy; Gleniffer Polka; Irene Meldrum's Welcome To Bon Accord /John McFadyen Of Melfort; Calum's Road /Peter's Peerie Boat / Dr James Donaldson / The Barrowburn Reel; The Old Red Barn / Andy / Goose Feather / Bells Favourite; Meetinbg Of The Waters; Rothesay Bay / Bonnie Gallowa' / Braes Abune Bonawe / The Bonnie Briar Bush; Kirk's Hornpipe / La Grande Chain / Lucky Scaup / Miss Jean Milligan.

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