Peatbog Faeries - Live @ 25



It is hard to believe that it is 25 years since the Peatbog Faeries launched onto the Scottish music scene with their "acid-croft" grooves. They caused a storm at the time and here we are celebrating their 25th anniversary with this recording of them playing live.

They have twice won "Best Live Act" at the Scottish Trad Awards so it is fitting that this album was recorded live at the Hebridean Celtic Festival and in Herefordshire. If you have never heard them before - you are in for a treat, and if you have heard them before - you know what to do: get your copy now!

Dun Beag; The Ranch; Jakes On A Plane; Marx Terrace; Tom In The Front; The Naughty Step; Fishing At Orbost; Spider's; Shifting Peat and Feet; Strictly Sambuca; Folk Police; The Humours Of Ardnamurchan; The Skyline Of Skye.


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