Peatbog Faeries - Faerie Stories



High powered Celtic dance sets with international influences. Based on the Isle Of Skye, the Peatbog Faeries have been referred to as "the future of Celtic dance music".  They have toured extensively and are in great demand at festivals around the world. On Faerie Stories the Band consists of Peter Morrison, who composed most of the tunes, (pipes and whistles); Ben Ivitsky (fiddles, throat singing & triangle); Ali Pentland (guitars, mandolin & octavius); Innes Button (bass, percussion & bodhran); Nurudin (keyboards); and lain Copeland (drums, percussion & sampling).

"Nothing in the recognisable front line of bagpipes, fiddle, synthesiser, bass and rhythm guitar, with a straight drum kit at the back, prepares you for the high octane music of The Peatbog Faeries" The Scotsman.

Martin Roachford's; The Folk Police; Captain Coull's Parrot; Namedropper; Faerie Stories; Cameronian Rant; Get Your Frets Off; Mr Problematic; Caberdrone; Weirdness; Alexander MacAskill Of Bernera, Harris.

Since the release of their debut album in December 1996 the Band has toured extensively and are in great demand at festivals around the world. Appearances include Celtic Connections, Glastonbury, Sidmouth, Cambridge, Womad Festivals, and world music festivals in Sweden, France and Belgium. Highlights have been a visit to the Czech Republic, Singapore, the Music of Rivers Festival, U.S.A., and even a tour of Namibia & Botswana.

The Band incorporates many influences which take them from traditional jigs and reels through jazz, hip hop, reggae and more, causing reviewers to write:-

"Mere Earth-words can't do the Faeries justice man" NME Glastonbury Special.

"The Peatbog Faeries... rock!" The Sunday Times.

"Turned the dance-o-meter up to 12 to create the most pumping, uplifting and exciting Scottish fusion you're ever likely to come across" Rootin Aboot Festival.

This leaves little for us to say except that the new album contains the high energy music which is The Peatbog Faeries' hallmark and defies the listener to sit still. The second album has been a long time coming but it is worth the wait and that's a fact!

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