Pagan Poets - Tess Is A Girls Name



From the same stable as Wolfstone come The Pagan Poets, the Ross-shire based folk-rock band.  Fractionally funky, decidedly beaty, but somehow strongly Scottish, The Pagan Poets are a contemporary band whose work is full of life, but not wild or raucous. The line-up of guitar, drums, fiddle, mandolin and bouzouki is fairly standard, but there is also a didgeridoo… The Pagan Poets are Steve Eaglesham, Les Cowley, Campbell Goodall, Gareth Ince and Tess. 

"Instumentally simple, yet effective, energetic and enthusiastic, what more could you ask for?". Trad Music Maker Magazine.

Willafjord; Conversation Piece; Solid Ground; It's A Crime; Kate's Real; Van Diemens Land; Cuba Is Peachy; I Think Too Much

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