Open House - Second Story

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Open House is the superb band fronted by the legendary fiddler Kevin Burke (Bothy Band, Patrick Street..) who is joined by Mark Graham (harmonica, clarinet, vocals), Paul Kotapish (guitar, manolin, cittern, bass), Sandy Sila (foot percussion). An unusual line-up, but perfect for this stunning performance! Highly recommended.

"This spellbinding set has originality, variety, great musicianship & some very intoxicating sounds". Living Tradition Magazine.

The Miller Of Drangan; Devlin's Jig; Merengue; Bourrees De Berri; Jackson And Jane; Flowers Of The Forest; Chinquapin Hunting; Monkey With A Typewriter; Ryan's; The Moth In The Lantern; The Mascot; The Classical Greek; The Ebb Tide; The Dogfight.

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