Old Songs and Bothy Ballads: Hurrah Boys Hurrah



Recordings of 11 fine ballad singers from the Fife Traditional Singing Festival in May 2010. Jeff Warner, Phyllis Martin, Geordie Murison, Sheila Stewart, Terry Conway, Chris Coe & Annie Dearman, Jimmy Hutchison, Jill Pidd, Joe Aitken, Peter Shepheard and more.

The Banks of Sacramento; The Nutting Girl; Foreman at Drum; The Twa Brothers; Cappy the Dog; The Loss of the Royal George; Lord Lovel; The Girl I Left Behind Me; Barnyards O Delgaty; Hurrah Boys Hurrah; Bobby Blue; The Bleached Mutch; Johnnie O Graidie; Betsy Bell; Dolli Ah; The Deadly Wars; Bonnie Laddie Ye Gang By Me; MacPherson’s Fareweel.

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