Old Blind Dogs - Fit?



On the Old Blind Dogs new release, Fit?, Rory Campbell's pipes and whistles and Paul Jenning's percussion add an exciting new dimension complementing the creativity of founder members Jonny Hardie and Buzby MacMillan without compromising the group's acoustic roots.

"Fit? Delivers some of the finest traditional playing of the year". Q Magazine.

‘Fit’ is defined on the album as a Doric word ‘often used as an expression of disbelief’. Well it may be, for it’s not always easy to believe the musical, vocal and instrumental talents of this band. Not only do they play brilliantly and sing superbly, but they arrange supremely too.

Working mainly with traditional material, the Old Blind Dogs imbue their songs with such immediacy and place it’s hard to believe the words are a couple of centuries old or more. Traditional Scottish songs and tunes are revitalised by the accuracy and innovation of their music, and enhanced by Jim Malcolm’s gorgeous voice.

Is There For Honest Poverty; Come A' Ye Kincardine Lads; Much Better Now; Tramps & Hawkers; Country Girl; Sky City; Reres Hill; The Rejected Suitor; Awa' Whigs Awa'; Cuilfhionn; Black-haired Lad; Tatties and Herrin'.

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