The Occasionals - The Full Set Of Basic Ceilidh Dances CD & DVD



A DVD showing how to do 12 Scottish Ceilidh dances, a booklet with the written instructions, and a CD with great, lively music for the twelve dances, plus four extra sets. The complete learner's kit, but great for the experts too! Freeland Barbour - Accordion, midi bass & piano, Kevin MacLeod - Banjo, mandolin & tenor guitar, Ian Hardie - Fiddle, Gus Millar - Drums.

"All tracks on the CD are highly infectious to listen to.. fabulous entertainment." Box & Fiddle Magazine.

Gay Gordons; Highland Schottische; Eva Three Step; Virginia Reel; St Bernard's Waltz; Dashing White Sergeant; Military Two-step; Pride Of Erin Waltz; Britannia Two Step; Strip The Willow; Canadian Barn Dance; Eightsome Reel. CD Bonus Tracks: Friendly Waltz; Russian Ballet; Full Set Polka; Orkney Eva Three Step.

Check out our full collection of Ceilidh Dance CDs and Scottish Country Dancing CDs.

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