The Occasionals - Down To The Hall



Down to the hall... and straight onto the dance floor for a wonderful selection of ceilidh and old time dances. The Occasionals: Kevin MacLeod, Ian Hardie, Gus Millar and Freeland Barbour combine talents and play an amazing total of fifteen instruments between them. A great atmosphere and variety of sounds, gorgeous arrangements, swinging rhythm and total dance-ability.

"The music is high energy with lots of bounce and you just can't help tapping the toes along with it". Box & Fiddle.

Britannia Two-step; La Russe; Hesitation Waltz; Canadian Barn Dance; Gay Gordons; Palais Glide; Viennese Swing; Eva Three-step; Dinky One Step; Fiona's Polka; Waltz Of The Bells; Marine Four-step; Millenium March; Pride Of Erin Waltz; Postie's Jig; Highland Schottische; St. Bernards Waltz; Progressive Gay Gordons; Russian Ballet; Southern Rose Waltz; Shiftin' Bobbins.

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