Nua Teorainn: New Celtic Music

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Nua Teorainn: New Celtic Music from Green Linnet is worth buying for the sheer cheek of "The Trucks of Bohermore" alone, this compilation includes the likes of Hayes & Cahill, Liz Carroll, Wolfstone, Patrick Street, Andy M Stewart, June Tabor, Kevin Burke and more from the Green Linnet record label.

"If it doesn't set you 'hooching' maybe you should see a doctor". Living Tradition Magazine.

Sevens; Forfar Sodger; Goodbye Miss Goodavich; Fear A Bhata; Martin Rochford's; Stewball And The Monaghan Gray Mare; The Butterfly; The Trucks Of Bohermore; Cam Ye O'er Frae France?; Ramblin' Irishman; This Strange Place; Tine Lasta; Pharoah; Risipiti; Farewell To Ireland.

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