Northern Lights



Live From The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen. The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen is a well regarded and popular venue for music of all types. Featured on this album is a selection of bands and artistes from the folk scene who have "played" The Lemon Tree. Drop The Box, Old Blind Dogs, Iron Horse, Tony McManus, Canterach, etc...

A Glass of Beer; Barnyards of Delgaty; The Duck; Si Morag; Kenny Gillis of Portnalong; Moch's Mi' g Eirigh Air Bheagan Eislean; Cape Breton Fiddlers Welcome to Shetland Isles; Andy Renwick's Ferret; Not Coming Your Way; Dashing White Sergeant; Bodchan Cha Phos Mi; Blackthorn Stick; Bennachie; When She Cam' Ben She Bobbit.

"There is a fairly broad mixture of styles and material including the progressive, upbeat stomp of Drop The Box, to the satisfying pace and tone from the guitar of Tony McManus, the addictive rhythms of Old Blind Dogs and the Gaelic of the McKay sisters. But not every track is a gem. The sound is not always of the best, balance and clarity losing-out most, which does little to enhance the performances but there is still much to enjoy. Iron Horse turn in some fine work on both their sets of tunes as does Tony McManus. Liveliest of all is Canterach, Ross Kennedy and Archie McAllister and assorted musical pals, who romp through their sets in grand style". Peter Fairbairn, Living Tradition Magazine.

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