Norman Mackay - The Perfect Squeeze



The Perfect Squeeze CD islLightning fingered button box playing from Norman Mackay.

Fantastically fast-fingered playing, great feeling and fun in his own compositions, Scottish and Continental styles all with his own distinctive stamp. A very impressive debut album, with some top guest musicians including Donald Shaw and Greg Lawson.

"You won't hear a better button box player anywhere in the world". Fergie MacDonald.

"Mackay is one of Scotland's best accordionists". The List.

The Montreal Fiddler; Highland Hippie Reels; Mr MacFarlane; The Leaving Of Paris; Kenny Gillies Jigs; Norwegian Tune; Pressed For Time; The Wedding Tune; Elizabeth's Tune; The Carrie Set; Dargai; Valerie's Waltz; The Montreal Fiddler (Reprise).

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