Music In The Great Hall

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Instrumental music from the ancient Celtic lands performed by Sue Richards (Celtic harp), Maggie Sansone (Hammered dulcimer, guitar), Bonnie Rideout (fiddle & bones), Marcia Diehl (recorders & pennywhistle), Jim Brooks (recorders & concertina), & Carolyn Surrick (viola da gamba).

Moirrey Ny Cainle; Fingal's March; The Pretty Girl Milking The Cows; Sons From A Scottish Childhood; Captain O' Kane; Boys Of The Lough; Planxty Drew; Gosteg Dafydd Athro; The Reaper Of Glanree; Gin Ye KissMy Wife, I'll Tell The Minister; The Galician Waltz; Miss Patterson; Shooyl Inneenyn.

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