Muriel Johnstone - Dancing Fingers 5



Muriel Johnstone's Dancing Fingers 5 is another CD in the series of Scottish Country Dance music composed and played by the pianist Muriel Johnstone. On this volume she is playing solo.

She was musical director for the RSCDS for many years. She has recorded with Alasdair Fraser, Chris Duncan, Marian Anderson, Judith Linton, and many others.

Mercia; A Highland Welcome In Switzerland; Trips Around The World; Nothing In Common; Irene MacLean Of duns; The Falkirk Lass; See You Down Under; The Rocking Horse; The Ruby Hornpipe; The Scottish Castle; Sheena's Buckle; Par For The Course.

If you love dancing check out our full selection of Scottish Country Dance CDs, or Scottish Ceilidh Dance CDs.

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