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Piper and whistler with the Battlefield Band, Mike Katz indulges himself here with a great album of Celtic brilliance combining Breton tunes, old manuscript pieces and some of his own compositions. He is accompanied by Simon Thoumire, Alasdair White, Kevin MacKenzie and others on some tracks.

"The entire collection is splendidly worth a listen". Scots Magazine.

The Best Englishman; The Fiddler; Earl Mareshal's; The Bookie's Jig; Miss Forbes's Farewell To Banff; Ho Ro Shiubhlainn Fada; Tait's; Marig Ar Pontolan; Marche Vannetaise; Mackays Rant; The Unst Wedding March; Dark Lowers The Night; Abbeyhill; Monday's Jig; Major Manson's Farewell To Clachantrushal.

Mike, an honorary Scot, from Los Angeles came to Scotland to study, and has spent much of his time playing (don't all students?).. With the Scottish Gas Pipe Band, Ceolbeg and latterly with the Battlefield Band.

"Mike Katz is undoubtedly a powerful player but he has a finesse borne of experience that prevents him blasting out the other players".

Mike here plays the Highland Pipes, Small pipes, various whistles, and bass guitar.

The album features material from very traditional to his own compositions written yesterday, laced with some music from his Breton trips.

If you like Bagpipe music you can check out our Piping CD collection.

Traditional Scots music played on the bagpipes.

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