Meena Kendasamy - When I Hit You



Meena Kendasamy - When I Hit You

Caught on the hook of love, a young woman marries a dashing university professor. She moves to a rain-washed coastal town to be with him, but behind closed doors she discovers that her perfect husband is a perfect monster. As he sets about battering her into obedience and as her family pressures her to stay in the marriage, she swears to fight back - a resistance that will either kill her or set her free.

Shortlisted for the Jhalak Prize, 2018

Longlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize, 2018

Guardian's Best Books of 2017

Daily Telegraph's Best Books of 2017

Observer Best Books of 2017

Financial Times Best Books of 2017

Paperback 272 pages.

Approx: 13 x 20 cm.

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