Meantime - An Treas Tarraing



Meantime are an energetic and authentic Gaelic music and song group. For their third album "An Treas Tarraing" they have concentrated more on the Gaelic songs with fewer instrumental tracks. Much of the material is written by the lads themselves.

Choisich Mi; Leathad Lithir; Cait An Caidil An Ribhinn A-Nochd?; Highland Scottische; Caismeachd Beinn Iomhair; Cunntas Air Do Bhoidhchead; Flight INV2007; 6/8 Marches; Na Gaidheil Am Basra; Cumha Bean An t-Saighdeir; Leanabh Oig; Tir Alainn; Broadford Bay; Cuimhnich Orm; Cille Mhoire.

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