Matt Cunningham - Green Hills Of Erin



The Green Hills Of Erin CD features the highly regarded Irish multi-instrumentalist Matt Cunningham and his band playing traditional dance music of Ireland. Jigs, reels, waltzes and some listening tracks and even a couple of songs.

Matt plays a 3 Row Accordion, a Club Model 2 Accordion, Fiddle, Tin Whistle, and provides the lead vocals. He is joined by Tony Maher (Piano, Piano Accordion, Synthesiser), Gerald Donoghue (Bass Guitar), Michael Belton (Drums), Frank Colohan (Rhythm Guitar) and Margaret Flanagan (Backing Vocals).

The Kilfenora, The Foxhunter, The Dublin Reel; The Old Bush, Connacht Man's Ramble, The Raffle Jig; The St. Bernard, The Valita Waltz; An Cualain (Whistle solo); Johnny Leary's Reel, O' Keeffes, The Rocky Road; The Green Hills Of Erin (song); The Tulla, Burtons, The Ships Are Sailing; Ryans Hornpipe, The Galway Hornpipe; Anach Cuain, Saint Cuana's Reel, The Leinster Reel (Tim Whistle), Maud Miller, The Morning Star, Cooley's Reel; Bheir Me O (Song); Bobby Gardiner's, The Kilfenora, The King Of The Clans.


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