Mary McCarthy - In Praise Of Uist



A rather unusual and exceptionally professional album. Mary is a piano teacher at the R.S.A.M.D., she brings her Irish & Scottish heritages both to play in this collection of solo piano versions of Celtic folk songs.

"The only recent solo piano recording... that I can recommend without hesitation." Living Tradition Magazine.

O Mo Dhuthaich; Crodh Chailean; Cha Bhi Mi Gad Thaladh; Cuigeal Na Maighdin; Taladh Ar Slanair; Lord Inchiquin,; Irish Air; She Moved Through The Fair; Buain Na Raindh; Buain Na Raindh; Dan O'Keefe's Slide 12/8; Port An Deorai; Paddy Fahy's Jig; Mag's Chant, Mag's Chant; Bonnie Benbecular; Song From Skye; Fly and Dodger; Irish Song; Taimse Im Chodladh; Eirdh Suas Mo Mhaire; Cliffs Of Moher; Danny Boy; Cuigeal Na Maighdin; Taladh Ar Slanair; O Mo Dhuthaich.

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