Marian Anderson & Her Scottish Dance Band - St Bernard's Waltz



Scottish Country dance, Ceilidh Dance, Old Time and Social, Marian Anderson and her Scottish Dance band showcase their style with great aplomb. Contemporary tune sets along with old favourites, fast-paced dances and slow ones too. Brilliant, bouncy and bewitching.

"This is a truly wonderful CD - excellent tempos, exciting tunes and a must-have for your collection." Dance On Magazine CD Review. 

Joe Macdiarmid's Jig; Kirrie March; St. Bernard's Waltz; Canadian Barn Dance; Flirtation Two-Step; Sandy's New Chanter; Eva Three-Step; New Killarney Waltz; Medley; Edinburgh Mixture; Jazz Twinkle; Gypsy Tap; Flowers Of Edinburgh; Festival Glide; Southern Rose Waltz; Hooper's Jig.

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 Marion Anderson's Scottish Dance Band

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