Margaret Stewart and Allan MacDonald - Colla Mo Run



Margaret Stewart and Allan MacDonald combine Gaelic singing with piping in a truly amazing way. The clarity & precision of Margaret's voice and her deft intonation will certainly impress. Alan's Highland pipes set off Margaret's voice in the haunting airs, and his smallpipes provide a fitting backing for his own vocals.

"A collection of charm and solid musical workmanship delivered with flair and a real sense of tradition". Scots Magazine.

The Road To Loch Nam Bearnas; Theid Is Gun Teid E Leam; Rinn Thu Eudail Mo Mhealladh; Angela; Sean Duine Cha Ghabh Mi Idir; Tha Sior Choineadh Am Beinn Dobhrain; Aig Baile; Oran Fear Ghlinne-Cuaich; Hug Oreann O Ro Gur Toigh Leam Fhin Thu; Oran Talaidh An Eich-Uisge; Colla Mo Run; Hi Ho Leagain; Kattie Ness Of Kinnyside; Tha Sinn A' Falbh; Na h-Eilthirich.

Gaelic lyrics & translation in booklet.

In 1998 Margaret Stewart and Allan MacDonald recorded a milestone album - "Fhuair Mi Pog" (CDTRAX 132) - for Greentrax Recordings, 1998. This acclaimed album combined the wonderful Gaelic voice of Margaret with Allan's innovative piping skills and investigated the historical connection between Pibroch and Gaelic song. Margaret and Allan recently completed a second recording for Greentrax - "Colla Mo Run" .

Cailean MacLean, broadcaster, writes:-
"Such was the acclaim for "Fhuair Mi Pog" that the question 'How can they follow that?' was uppermost in many minds. Well, for those who were enthralled and uplifted by "Fhuair Mi Pog" and wondered whether their next album could possibly match its quality, the good news is that in "Colla Mo Run" your expectations will be exceeded.

Individually, Margaret Stewart from Lewis and Allan MacDonald from Glenuig are consummate performers who are steeped in Gaelic traditional music. "Colla Mo Run" provides the confirmation, as if it were needed, that together their diverse talents blend deliciously and subtly. Their's is one of those happy combinations where the sum is greater than its considerably gifted constituent parts. Allan and Margaret have an honest, straightforward approach to Gaelic music, which comes from the tradition and straight from the heart. The album is compelling and inspiring, but no more than we would expect from two dedicated traditional musicians". That sums up so eloquently what we at Greentrax think of Margaret and Allan and their new album, which we are so proud of.

The album was produced by lain MacDonald (Allan's brother), who also played whistle and
flute and Allan sang and played the Highland bagpipe, Scottish Smallpipes and Jawharp. Ingrid Henderson (backing vocals, Clarsach and Piano); Rona Lightfoot (vocals); Allan Henderson (fiddle and keyboards; lain MacFarlane (fiddle); Malcolm Stitt (guitar and cittern); James Macintosh (percussion) add sensitive backing on various tracks.

In 2008 Margaret won the award for Gaelic Singer of The Year.

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