Mairi Sine Campbell - Thall An Loch Aillse (Back In Lochalsh)



A Mod gold medallist with a deserved reputation for trad unaccompanied Gaelic singing. Mairi is joined here for slightly newer styles and settings for the glorious old songs. She is joined by some of the finest young musicians around.

Mhurchaidh Bhig, A Chinn A' Chonais; Tha Mi Fo Churam; Ochoin A Righ, Gur E Mi Tha Muladach; Cathair A' Chuil Chinn; An Cluinn Thu, Iain?; Dean Cadalan Samhach; Gaol An t-Seoladair; 'S E Mo Dhuthaich A Dh'fhag Mi; Tha Mi Sgith An Fhogairt Seo; Thig An Smeorach As t-Earrach; Air Dhomh Dusadh Sa Mhadainn; Cro Chinntaile; Taladh A' Phuilein.

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