Maggie Sansone - Celtic Meditations: Into The Light

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Performer, producer, author and teacher of the hammered dulcimer, Maggie Sansone provides a fusion of ancient sounds and modern sensibility. Celtic melodies spring from the instrument's unique sound.

"One is dazzled by her sheer technical ability". Option.

Greenfield Of Woodford; Summer Time; Farewell To Nigg; Skye Aire; Dutch Carol; Hoboekentanz; Schafertanz; Breton Air; Laride; Spanish Cantiga; Mummer's March; Piper's Hut; Flowers Among Us All; Johnny Armstrong; Sheep Beneath The Snow; Sergeant Early's Dream; Mist Covered Mountains; Medieval Carol; St. Kilda Aire; All Hallow's Eve; The Seeker; Down The Hill; Seas Are Deep; Dervish.

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