Listening Through The Years To Bobby Brown's Scottish Accent



Listening Through The Years To Bobby Brown's Scottish Accent consists of tracks taken from two albums released in the 1980s showing that the band could turn its hands to more than just Scottish Country Dance music. Irish jigs, French Canadian fiddle tunes, Scottish waltzes and marches and much more, all introduced by Bobby himself.

Featuring Bobby Brown & The Scottish Accent: Kathy Fraser (piano), Steve Ozorak (2nd accordion), Paul Langley (string bass & bass guitar), Fred Collins (drums).

The Cape Breton Symphony Fiddlers: John Donald Cameron, Wilfred Gillis, Sandy MacIntyre, Buddy MacMaster (fiddle), Bobby Brown (piano, accordion), John Allan Cameron (guitar), Tom Szezesniak (bass guitar), Al Bennett, Dave MacIsaac (acoustic guitar), Peter Magadini, Brian Leonard, Matt Watson (drums). 

With special guest: Graham Townsend, North American Fiddle Champion.

Miss Bruce; Loch Tay Boat Song; Dalinlongart; Le Reel Mysterieux; Creach Na Ciadainn; Bobby Brown's Jig; The Auld Fisher; Gall Ruadh; Old Victoria; Sandy O'er The Sea; A Wee Polka I Wrote Myself; My Wee Love Kathy; Hurrah For The Highlands; Crags Of Tumbledown Mountain; North American Fiddle Medley; Ca' The Ewes; Jeanie's Black Ee'; A Scottish Fancy Medley.

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