Kirsteen Menzies - Oran A' Chalmain: Song Of The Dove



Kirsteen's pure voice is very well suited to the gentle Gaelic songs she sings, in traditional style with a minimum of accompaniment. Some of the songs are ancient songs of love, loss and disappointment, some more recent such as Solus M'Aigh.

Muair Thig Oirnn An Samhradh; 'Se Mo Cheist An Gille Donn; Cur Culaibh Ri Assainte; An Ubhal As Airde; An Gille Ban; Dh' Fhalbh Mo Run; Thug Mi Mo Lamh Don Eileanach; Iain Ghlinn Cuaich; Cha Teid Mise; Solus M' Aigh; Eilean Fraoich; Oran A' Chalmain.

Kirsteen also performs as part of the Dingwall Gaelic Choir.

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