Kila - Tog E Bog E



Rediscover the Irish music scene with Kila - Tog E Bog E! This seven piece band from Dublin will blow you away with their imaginative sets and lively performances. Not to mention their unique blend of Gaelic ragga rap, sure to make you either love it or hate it!

"Definitely worth checking out what all the fuss is about." Living Tradition Magazine.

Gwerzy; On Taobh Tuathail Amach; Rusty Nails; Oh To Kiss Katie; Tog E Go Bog E; Jasmine; The Seige Of Carrickfinn; Dusty Wine Bottle; Bi Ann; Leanfaidh Me; Crann Na Bpingini; Double Knuckle Shuffle; Ril A Do; Tip Toe.

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