Kevin Henderson - Fin Da Laand Ageen



Kevin Henderson is a founder member of the award winning Fiddlers' Bid, Kevin's debut solo album of Shetland fiddle tunes Fin Da Laand Ageen is an effortlessly beautiful masterpiece. With guitar & mandola backing by Mattias Perez  of Sweden.

Kevin Henderson comes from the Shetland Islands, islands with one of the richest fiddle traditions in the world. He is in hot demand as he performs around the globe with four high-profile musical groups.

As well as being a founding member of Fiddlers' Bid , formed in 1991, he has been a member of folk music legends, Boys of the Lough, since 2002, a member of Scottish super group, Session A9 , since 2004 and recently helped to co-found the Nordic trio, The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc. He has appeared on television and radio programmes worldwide, including the BBC and Garrison Keillor's American radio program, "A Prairie Home Companion."

Of the recording Kevin said "I have been wanting to make an album of purely traditional Shetland fiddle music for quite a while now as its something that isn't really being done at the moment. I am finding the older I get it's the music I am always coming back to and also playing more and more. I love delving into the fantastic archive collections and listening to the old guys. It's something that gives me so much pleasure. I love Mattias's playing and feel it really sits well with the traditional Shetland tunes so was delighted to have him on board for the project".

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Scots music, traditional music, fiddling music.

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