Kate Rusby - Make The Light



Kate Rusby - the defining voice of contemporary English folk music, sings eleven of her own compositions. As Kate says "some of it is gritty, some of it is pretty and some of it is a bit wacky!" But as ever the singing is superb.

After a break to have her daughter Daisy, Kate has been back writing and recording in the studio. "Make the Light' features 11 tracks all written by Kate.

"I remembered Jennifer Saunders saying to me a couple of years ago that I should do an album of my own songs and I thought it was a good idea except I didn't have enough songs! Now I have, so this is the right time!"

"I feel this album is quite different from my others; some of it is gritty, some of it is pretty and some of it is a bit wacky! But what fun we had making it. I hope people enjoy it!"

Guests on the album include musicians Damien O'Kane, Kevin McGuire, Julian Sutton, Malcolm Stitt, Donald Shaw, James Mackintosh, John-Joe Kelly and Rex Preston. The brass quintet and string quartet also feature on the album.

The Wishing Wife; Mocking Bird; Let Them Fly; Only Hope; Not Me; Shout To The Devil; Green Fields; Fair Weather Friend; Walk The Road; Lately; Four Stars.

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