Julie Fowlis - Cuilidh



Julie Fowlis is one of the few Gaelic singers to have crossed into mainstream popularity. After winning the BBC Radio 2 Folk award she was championed by several radio DJs and appeared at major Music Festivals around the UK, and the world. Why has she achieved such a following? Just listen to the way she takes the traditional songs on this album and sings them so beautifully it doesn't matter that you don't understand the words.

Hug air a' Bhonaid Mhòir; Mo Ghruagach Dhonn; An t-Aparan Goirid 's an t-Aparan Ur: Òran do Sheasaidh Bhaile Raghnaill; 'Ille Dhuinn, 'S Toigh Leam Thu; Puirt-a-beul Set; Set Of Jigs; Mo Dhomhnallan Fhein; Turas San Lochmor; Oran Nan Raiders; Bodaich Odhar Hoghaigearraidh; Mo Bheannachd Dhan Bhaillidh Ur; Aoidh, Na Dean Cadal Idir.

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