Joy Dunlop - Dusgadh Awakening



Dusgadh (Awakening) is the debut release by highly-acclaimed Gaelic singer Joy Dunlop. The album is the product of Joy's experiences as a young Gaelic singer living and working in the West Coast of Scotland and the culmination of many years of exposure to Scotland's rich Gaelic song heritage. Every aspect of this poignant album has been carefully chosen to reflect and showcase the unique beauty and intricate depths of the tradition she has inherited.

Through 12 emotionally-charged tracks, Joy explores the wide, expressive gamut of Gaelic song, demonstrating her versatility both as a singer and dancer, and her talent as an interpreter of traditional music. Imbued in the rich tapestry of Gaelic folklore, and set against a unique background of luscious contemporary arrangements, glorious string washes and smoky jazz vibes, the album's ethereal vocals ensure that the sentiment of the songs are never lost, even to those not versed in this ancient language.

Joy shares this highly personal musical account with an eclectic array of Scotland's finest musicians, including Paul Tracey (guitar), Andy Sharkey (bass), Patsy Reid (violin/viola), Susan Appelby (cello), Martin 0' Neill (drums/bodhran), Ross White (drums) and her brother Andrew Dunlop (piano/harp). The result is a fusion of musical unity and understanding that pushes traditional musical boundaries whilst maintaining a distinctive air of authenticity throughout.

Whether or not you are already acquainted with the Gaelic song tradition, the evocative narratives of Dusgadh cannot fail to mesmerise and enchant. Prepare to be transported to a place where songs of unrequited love and tragic mourning punctuate tales of dancing, merriment and everlasting hope as Gaeldom's newest tradition bearer invites you to share in her musical awakening.

"Joy Dunlop has a voice that will enthrall anyone! Yes.. . She is that good!" IRFT Celtic Music.

Nach Truagh Leat Mi 'S Tu 'N Eirinn; A Mhairead Nan Cuiread; Air A Ghille Tha Mo Run; Puirt A Beul; Oran Na Bantraich; Bithibh Aotrom 'S Togaibh Fonn; Hi Horo 'S Na Horo Eile; Suidhidh Sinn A-mhain Gu Socair; Nochd Gun Chadal; Taighean Geala; Puirt & Dannsadh; Thig Am Bata.

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