John MacDonald - New Horizons



Following in his father's (Fergie MacDonald) famous sockprints, John MacDonald plays the button box in West Coast style, but he does it his way. With keyboard & drums, plus guest musicians dropping in, the gang rip through Gaelic, Scottish & Irish tunes. Vibrant, fast-paced & jolly. New Horizons indeed.

Bobby Gardiner's Reels; Gaelic Mouth Music; The Tea Set; The Red Socks Set; Irish Reels; Mull To Lewis Marches; Road Hog Reels; Inis-thiar; Irish Jigs; Fergie's Reels; Moidart Marches; The Foxhunter Set; The Road To Skye.

If you like accordion music you can check out our Scottish Accordion CD collection and you may also find accordions used in lots of Scottish Country Dance CDs, or Scottish Ceilidh Dance CDs.

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