Jimi McRae - Last King Of Pictland



Last King Of Pictland is the sixth CD from the famous Edinburgh piper "Jimi The Piper". As ever Jimi bends the rules to introduce different genres to the traditional bagpipe repertoire and style. With six new and three traditional tracks with modern arrangements this is a very progressive album. It has touches of heavy metal and progressive rock with Scottish, Greek and Irish!

Released in 2014, it was recorded between Scotland and Portland, Oregon, USA.

'Dark and mystical... Every song brilliant' Folk Works (Germany).

'Nine outstanding tracks. My favourite changes with every listen' Celtic Ways.

Na Criochan; Last King of Pictland; Donald of Laggan (MonsterMix); Songs From The Western Seaboard; Vasilikouda (Tune from Thrace); Up The Bheinn Backwards; Piobaireachd (Wee Spree); Luna Z Rod; Black Knight On A87.

Jimi McRae (highland, lowland, border, arabic and electronic pipes, keyboard, chanting), Rob Wrong (lead guitar), Eric Clark (drums, guitar), Crispin Caunter (didgeridoo), David Little (drums, percussion), Dave Haswell (percussion), Rod Christie (guitar/bass), Simon Hay (bass).

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Traditional Scots music played on the bagpipes.

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