Jim Crawford - Matured To Perfection



On "Matured To Perfection" Jim Crawford is light, bright and exceptionally musical - the sound of the two row melodeon will bring back many memories to those who remember its heyday in the 20's and 30's. 93 year old Jim plays a wonderful selection of Scottish tunes, accompanied by Graham Berry on piano.

"Well worth a listen.. a fresh young sound for his senior years; definitely Matured to Perfection". Box & Fiddle.

The Boys Of Blue Hill; The Far-Away Hills; The July Fair; Leezy Lindsay; Wade's Welcome To Inverness; Circassian Cirle; The Ash Grove; Jimmy Shand's Compliments To Jim Crawford; The Music o'Spey; Scott Skinner's Compliments To Dr. MacDonald; Cutting Bracken; Old Waltzes, Played By Will Crawford; Giffordtown Jig; Captain Carswell; The Boston Two-Step; La Varsivienne (La Va); The Taking Of The Beaumont Hamel; The Thistle Schottische; Memories Of Willie Snaith Of Hexham; The Inverness Gathering; The Burleigh Polka.

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